Box Profile Sheets

Box Profile Sheets

Sheets available from 1m to 12m

Phoenix Steels offer Box Profile sheets in lengths ranging from 1m up to 12m long and work on a metre coverage including overlap. For example 5 sheets will cover 5 metres wide exactly.

With fast and easy install, 200 Micron Coating and Colorcoat plastisol our box profile sheets are a great choice for industrial, agricultural, commercial and domestic roofing and cladding. These can be used as single skin sheeting, over clad of an existing roof or part of a built up insulated system.

Colour Coatings

Colourcoat Plastisol

Colourcoat Plastisol is produced to an exclusive formulation. The development of Plastisol coatings and they are found on more UK cladding sheets than all other types added together.

The thick 200 micron coating is tough, and can withstand rough treatment in the workshop, during transit and on site. It is also durable and has good colour stability and opacity. The colour range consists of 14 shades and the Accent colours. Other colours are available in stock and upon request.

In normal environments in the UK, and given proper maintenance, Colourcoat can have a life expectancy on the weatherside of over 40 years. Regular attention is necessary and recommended to achieve lasting life with the first usually being 10-25 years depending on the environment, the profile, the orientation and the colour.

Box Profile Specifications


Application: Wall or Roof (Vertical & Horizontal)
External Finish: Plastisol, Polyester or Glavanized
Internal Finish: Light grey Polyester
External Face: Profiled 32/1000, 32mm profile height, 200mm pitch centres
Standard Width: 1000mm when lapped
Max Length: 12m in 0.7mm sheet thickness – 6m in 0.5mm sheet thickness
Minimum Pitch: 5 degrees
Gauge Thickness: 0.5mm and 0.7mm
Weight: 0.5mm thickness – 4.78kg/m2, 0.7mm sheet thickness – 6.22kg/m2

Available Profiles


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