Help & Advice

1How do you fit the metal sheeting?
The information given is only a rough guideline and can vary depending on the building therefore can not be relied on as an exact instruction.The sheeting should be carefully handled on side preventing any damage when fitting or maneuvering.Starting at the eaves and in the corner away from the direction of the prevailing wind. Doing it this way will help avoid the wind effecting you laying the sheets.If the first sheet is not laid correctly and in line to the eaves and ridge adjustments will need to be made when laying other sheets and eventually or the sheeting will need to be readjusted. This may be unavoidable if the building is not square.When laying your first few sheets it may be helpful not to fully fix them until sure they are correctly aligned. This can help mitigate the impact of false start. Once everything is correctly lined up fix them down and work across one by one.The first row of sheets should extend over the bottom purlin and the eaves so that rainwater can drain into a gutter or beyond the wall. For more information a illustrations please visit our fixing information page.
2Can I order a swatch sample?
Swatch Samples can be sent through the post to see any gauge and colour that Phoenix Steels offers.All you have to do is call the customer service simply tell us what colours you want and where they have to go and they will be sent out the same day.
3Do I need flashings?
Flashings are an integral part of any sheet roof, covering the ridge where the two sides of an apex roof meet covering corner or even capping the ends of sheets leaving a decorative finish to the building while closing any gaps at the same time.If you are unsure whether you need any flashings, please contact our customer help desk for advice.
4Is there a minimum order?
For collection there is no minimum order as the sheets can be rolled off to your request.For delivery the minimum order depends on location for closer jobs the minimum order is £150.00 + VAT and for the orders slightly further away it is £250 + VAT.
5Do you deliver?
Here at Phoenix Steels we deliver all over the UK main land meaning your sheets can be delivered to you with no hassle.For pricing on delivery please contact our customer service.
6Do I need a Moisture Barrier?
Depending on the building depends on if you need a moisture barrier.Normally if the building roof is shielding goods or materials underneath and dampness is clearly apparent it is always recommended to have the moisture barrier layer we offer.For example, Phoenix’s Steels moisture barrier would be highly recommend on stable roofs sheltering horses. The kind of weather the area experiences is also a factor to think about. For any more information take a look at our moisture barrier page.
7How much should the sheets be lapped?
Just 1 corrugation or profile. However you may want to lap more than one corrugation or profile on the last sheet of the run so the last sheet does not protrude over the end of the roof and the barge flashings will fit neater.
8When using TEK self drilling screws, do you fit them on the top or the lower part of the sheet profile?
The lower part. The fixings has a washer on to avoid any leaks. As long as the screws are fitted correctly to the sheets the washers will work.If the screws were fitted to the top of the profile the sheet would distort as the screw is tightened.
9What do the sheets weigh?
The weight of the sheets depend on the length and gauge.If you need to know the weight when collecting the sheets or to move them, please contact us and we will be happy to help but a quick way to give you a rough guide is .5 is 5kg/sq meter and .7 is 7.5kg/sq meter. So if you have 35 sheets at 3 meters long in ,7 each sheet would weigh 22.5kg each and the pack 787.5 kilos.
10What Color Coatings Are Available?
Please refer to our Colorcoat PDF by clicking here
11Reassurances & Guarantees